Lucy & Andrew | Underlay Grange Marquee Wedding, Cumbria


The most beautiful setting, Summer floral decor, an amazing Charlie Brear gown.. Here are the utterly wonderful and completely *lovely* couple, Lucy and Andy.

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Emily & James | Preview

I helped out lovely lady Emily of Emily Hannah Photography over the Easter break – I shot Emily and James’ beautiful, handmade and heartfelt day at The Morritt near Barnard Castle on her behalf. It was a gorgeous day, full of family and friends.. the weather was glorious and it was a complete pleasure to be a part of this intimate wedding.

Here is a little preview.. Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-001 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-003 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-005 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-006 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-013 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-014 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-016 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-017 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-019 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-020 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-021 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-022 Emily James Lake District Wedding Photography-023All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.

Easter & Spring 2014 | Personal Work

There is a point every year when suddenly the months start to pass by more and more quickly.. and I realise I need to make even more of an effort to stay on top of everything and take a breath here and there.. This year it seems to be happening now. January and February seem to drag in some ways.. and suddenly it’s downhill to Summer. This April I’ve been lucky enough to shoot three gorgeous weddings and, with the Easter holidays and some sunny days, I’ve managed to get some time with my girl and take some personal photographs too. This is what April looked like for me…

Steph and Matt had a beautiful wedding at the fantastical Newton Hall in Northumberland..


Lindsey and Chris (and their twin-bump!) married at Redworth Hall in Darlington..10257017_661093240610922_8959491990211540226_oI was asked to help Emily Hannah Photography and popped over to the Lake District to shoot Emily and James’ wedding on her behalf.. (Full preview coming later today!)10285394_664953216891591_76955697526288707_oI‘ve been getting a helluva lot of use out of my Fujifilm Neo Instax.. I find these little mini-pics perfect to blu-tack all over my fridge.. The black and whites were taken on my Olympus Trip.OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-042OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-102OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-110OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-112 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-036 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-022OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-039OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-038

I made a little Easter stop-motion video from the Easter weekend.. which mainly revolved around food and family (as every holiday seems to!)

I went on a photographers’ trip away called Welcome Break.. a bi-product of the wonderful Emma Case Welcome Home workshop. I actually forgot to take many photos (oops..) but I guess sometimes it’s better to just down tools and have a few days peace and quiet away from it all (and sleeping in instead of rising with a girl who gets up before 6am..!)Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-006 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-022 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-026And it wouldn’t be a catch up post without a little Instagram update.. Lot of Easter, seeing friends, having my sister up to stay this weekend, a Liverpool hen do for my Bessie Louise who GETS MARRIED NEXT MONTH, and general odds and sods from pottering through life.
instagram sally t photography-019Hope you’ve all been enjoying the Easter break and warm weather wherever you are too.. Work hard, play hard 🙂

All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.