The Lakes

I’m really not a fan of landscape photography (she says.. hitting publish on a post full of landscape photographs..) which is why I wanted to push myself to try and enjoy them. I’ve always found them uninteresting or trying to emulate a specific style (there are a lot of Joe Cornish wannabes in my area..),  I’ve also seen too many which have been over-edited and dramatised and just… not to my taste at all.

I wanted to try doing them as part of a promise this year to push myself out of my comfort zone. It was strange, I’d  call myself more of a ‘people photographer’, and I kept wanting someone to step into the frame and instead I was working with the landscape and nothing else.

Here are the results.. I’d try it again in the future but don’t think it’s completely for me.. then again I do love twilight and a good sunset.

lakes blackpool liverpool -112 lakes blackpool liverpool -122lakes blackpool liverpool -113lakes blackpool liverpool -123

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