Jessa & Stuart | Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.23.31I hopped on the train down to London from Middlesbrough to shoot Jessa & Stuart’s wedding on a gorgeous Summer weekend. It was hot. I headed over to Greenwich on the morning and families were scooting and having picnics in the parks.. and people were starting to mill around the banks of the Thames with cold pints and pub food. Jessa was getting ready at The Greenwich Hotel London, which had the most amazing views.. and as I chatted to her Mum and Dad on the morning of the wedding it turns out their family used to live on a road about half a mile from where I lived at the time.. such a small world. Everything about this wedding was ‘just so’, gorgeous flowers, Jessa looked unbelievable in her pearl embellished dress, they had a really vocal set of guests who whooped and cheered them through the day, and as they did their first dance the most amazing golden light bounced across the river and poured through the windows of the Trafalgar Tavern. An amazing wedding and a perfect London Summer evening.. What could be better..?Jessa & Stuart-1 Jessa & Stuart-3 Jessa & Stuart-5 Jessa & Stuart-6 Jessa & Stuart-8 Jessa & Stuart-9 Jessa & Stuart-12 Jessa & Stuart-16 Jessa & Stuart-21 Jessa & Stuart-22Jessa & Stuart-58
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Experiments with Expired Film

A few months ago I visited a car boot sale/indoor flea market at Tynemouth, a gorgeous seaside town near Newcastle, with my sister, I ended up buying a few old cameras which didn’t work (a strange habit that I can’t kick!) and a bag of expired films, standard 35mm and 120. I had no idea what the results would be like apart from that the colour and contrast would be altered.

I took my little 35mm automatic camera (also from a market… there’s a trend developing here..) to January’s birthday parties. Now, I hardly ever go out at the moment so two parties in the same month was a big deal! Olivia turned 21 and one of my best friends Katie turned 23, in Newcastle and London respectively, and both were equally… shall we say… lively.

Here are the best of a very bad bunch of photographs I had developed today. I know their ‘look’ is all over the shop but there is something so fascinating with film, and I love the strange colours and crazy contrast, even if it did steal a lot of the detail.

I still have about 5 rolls of 120 film to develop but my favourite camera shop here seems to have closed its doors and I’m still scouting out a suitable replacement 😦

Sally xx

PS doesn’t Katie look like the perfect ‘Birthday Girl’.. and also a little like Princess Peach from Mario Bros??

A few sneak peeks..

I’ve been a bad blogger recently, I’ve jumped in the deep end this January and it’s all so busy! Saying that I did have an amazing weekend away for a friend’s birthday so it’s not been all work, and now I feel a tad behind! To keep me going and to push me to do a proper post this week here are a few sneak photos from what I want to blog soon. It’s my New Year’s resolution to blog more and to take more personal photography so that what these posts will be 🙂

Sally x

PS… I bought my new camera yesterday, eeeek!