Natalie & Stuart | Preview

I love a city centre wedding. I love that the world and bustle is going on as it usually would except that there is something incredibly special happening right in the middle of it all. Natalie and Stuart were so chilled out and really didn’t want any unnecessary fuss.. they had their children, extended family and friends around them and in spite of the everyday wobbles, organising everyone, nappy changes and feeding times.. there was something so poignant and special going on simultaneously. Here is a little preview from their Manchester Hacienda-themed wedding at the Albert Square Chop House.

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Jess & Shan | Preview

Jess and Shan got married on Saturday at Manchester Town Hall.. an eventful day full of stories to tell (a no-show hairdresser.. extreme rain and hail.. the wrong date on the wedding certificate.. someone pinching a slice of wedding cake early..) but you’d never have known about any hiccups, they were too busy celebrating and passing around trays of vodka shots to care. Amazing stuff.Jess & Shan-1All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.