Phoebe & James {Preview}

STP-1 2The sun shone all day for Phoebe and James.. it was one of the totally blissful Summer days where people chat, play, dance, drink and mingle until the sun sets. They had a beautiful marquee wedding with a botanical Alice in Wonderland theme.. garden games.. lots of champagne.. an amazing band.. it was all just perfectly Summery and wonderful. Here are their preview pics – they also had a stop motion film which I can’t. wait. to. share…..STP-1 STP-2 STP-3 STP-4 STP-5 STP-6 STP-7 STP-8 STP-9 STP-10 STP-11 STP-12 STP-13 STP-14 STP-15 STP-16 STP-17 STP-18 STP-19 STP-20 STP-21 STP-22 STP-23 STP-24 STP-25 STP-26 STP-27 STP-28 STP-29 STP-30 STP-31 STP-32 STP-33 STP-34 STP-35 STP-36 STP-37


Helen & Ed | Hexham, Northumberland

thai-149Man, woman and dog. What a combination for a wedding. Add in a handmade dress, his ‘n’ hers converse, skull print touches, a drumming groom, surprise dance routines, a couple ‘pub’ quiz and CHEESE. Come on.. what more could you want?

Helen and Ed (and, well, Spud too) married in deep Northumberland in a marquee in Helen’s parents garden. They were such a wicked couple, totally into doing every last little thing their way, and the result was amazing. A day full of fun, laughter, friends, family, music, booze and good food.

Here are their photographs, you can read Helen’s write up of the whole day over on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings too. Do it all again Helen and Ed.. please? Helen & Ed-065 Helen & Ed-055 Helen & Ed-060 Helen & Ed-064 Helen & Ed-084 Continue reading

Emma & Ted | Preview

It was quite a trek over to Emma & Ben’s wedding, but I woke up so excited that I couldn’t wait to get there.. I had a strong feeling it was going to be an amazing day.. I packed up my breakfast and lunch ready to eat on the drive over, a handful of mix tapes, double checked my camera bag and jumped in the car ready to travel over to High Offley in Staffordshire for their marquee wedding, to be held (whatever the weather) in Emma’s parents’ beautiful garden. It was such a wonderful day all about family, marriage, tea, cake.. and later some of the best dance moves I’ve seen in quite a while. Emma made her own wedding dress.. and her own wedding cake.. she got to the church in her neighbour’s vintage car.. the whole day was so personal and relaxed it was a dream to photograph. Here is a little preview..

Sally x

Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-1 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-3 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-4 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-5 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-6 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-7 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-9 Continue reading