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I took another little trip/break before the madness of wedding season with a lovely bunch of photographers.. We had such a laugh.. lots of dancing, (too much) drinking, good food, good company, walks through fields to watch the sunrise, rounders and lots of just switching off before the madness of wedding season kicked in. I took a ridiculously small handful of pictures, but here are a few. A mix of digital (colour) and film (B+W). Take me back….Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-008 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-026 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-002 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-028 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-003 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-030 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-006 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-027 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-011 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-016 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-029 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-017 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-005Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-021 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-018 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-020 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-009Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-022All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.



Stonehouse Street.. {Personal Project}

I’ve always had a fascination with the old, the industrial.. peeling facades, rust and old hand-painted signage. Near us are a few back streets making up a small industrial estate and I’ve always wanted to take my camera (even though D told me to watch out as is attracts ‘interesting’ characters..) I also quite fancied posting it as my last bit of personal work before my wedding season really kicks in a week on Saturday (SO EXCITED Greg and Kelly!) and my blog will be filled with much ‘prettier’ offerings than today’s post in coming weeks..

Anyway, here are a few from a little visit there a few weeks back..

sally t photo-25 sally t photo-26 sally t photo-30 sally t photo-31 sally t photo-33 sally t photo-34 copy sally t photo-35 sally t photo-37 sally t photo-39

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Initially.. this may seem like a cop-out. This is my little girl, Vivi.. and working trying to get some nice shots of her is so much harder than when I run off to a local park to do a family/children/baby portraiture shoot with some lovely people that have booked me to get some nice snaps. Yes, I point my camera at her very regularly.. no, she doesn’t stay still.. and no, she never does what I ask her to when I try and take her picture.. I’ve wanted to get some close ups of V for a while.. suddenly she’s a little girl and I have no idea where my baby went..

Here are a few from 5 minutes in some gorgeous light outside our front door yesterday afternoon. (Taken in-between her doing her owl impression from ‘The Gruffalo’ and her personal interpretation of ‘Gangnam Style’)

Sally x

IMG_8330-2 IMG_8331 IMG_8335 IMG_8341 IMG_8342 IMG_8349 IMG_8358 IMG_8359 IMG_8362 IMG_8363-2 IMG_8371

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