Hailey & Neil | Preview


Hailey and Neil married at the beautiful Eslington Villa in Gateshead – a little green haven in the middle of a busy town. These two, and their little girl Ruby, were full of smiles and love all day – it was a real pleasure to be part of such a relaxed and family-orientated day. Here are a few previews…STP-0001 STP-0002 STP-0003 STP-0007 STP-0008 STP-0009 STP-0010 STP-0011 STP-0012 STP-0013 STP-0014 STP-0015 STP-0016 STP-0017 STP-0018 STP-0019 STP-0020 STP-0021 STP-0022 STP-0023 STP-0024 STP-0025 STP-0026 STP-0027 STP-0028 STP-0029 STP-0030 STP-0031 STP-0032 STP-0034 STP-0033 STP-0035 STP-0006 STP-0036 STP-0004 STP-0005 STP-0037 STP-0038 STP-0039 STP-0040 STP-0041 STP-0042 STP-0043 STP-0044 STP-0045 STP-0046 STP-0047 STP-0048 STP-0049 STP-0050 STP-0051 STP-0052

Samantha & Michael | Matfen Hall, Northumberland


A few weeks before their wedding, I met Sam and Michael in their living room and poured over the scrapbook of wedding snippets and ideas that Sam had put together.. then spent the remaining weeks looking forward to what promised to be an amazingly styled, warm, lovingly hand-made wedding. It didn’t disappoint.. Sam and Michael are such a wonderfully welcoming couple, and I loved being part of their day. Sam looked out of this world in her fishtail gown with hand-painted shoes, Michael looked dapper in both his golf gear and his wedding suit, and the whole day was full of joy, laughter, tears (looking at you, here, Michael!) and love. Here are some favourites from their wedding at Matfen Hall in Northumberland last Summer.
matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-001 matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-003 matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-006 matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-008 matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-014 matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-016 matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-020 matfen-hall-wedding-northumberland-wedding-photographer-024

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