Hailey & Neil | Preview


Hailey and Neil married at the beautiful Eslington Villa in Gateshead – a little green haven in the middle of a busy town. These two, and their little girl Ruby, were full of smiles and love all day – it was a real pleasure to be part of such a relaxed and family-orientated day. Here are a few previews…STP-0001 STP-0002 STP-0003 STP-0007 STP-0008 STP-0009 STP-0010 STP-0011 STP-0012 STP-0013 STP-0014 STP-0015 STP-0016 STP-0017 STP-0018 STP-0019 STP-0020 STP-0021 STP-0022 STP-0023 STP-0024 STP-0025 STP-0026 STP-0027 STP-0028 STP-0029 STP-0030 STP-0031 STP-0032 STP-0034 STP-0033 STP-0035 STP-0006 STP-0036 STP-0004 STP-0005 STP-0037 STP-0038 STP-0039 STP-0040 STP-0041 STP-0042 STP-0043 STP-0044 STP-0045 STP-0046 STP-0047 STP-0048 STP-0049 STP-0050 STP-0051 STP-0052

Clare & Niall | As You Like It Wedding, Newcastle


Clare and Niall came back to Clare’s neck of the woods to tie the knot at gorgeous venue As You Like It in Jesmond, Newcastle. I love the set up there, everyone celebrated after the ceremony on the garden balcony and then went downstairs to the cellar bar to eat, drink and dance the night away. Plus these two were just gorgeous people inside and out which made the whole day a real dream to shoot – lovely stuff.

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Natalie & Stuart | Preview

I love a city centre wedding. I love that the world and bustle is going on as it usually would except that there is something incredibly special happening right in the middle of it all. Natalie and Stuart were so chilled out and really didn’t want any unnecessary fuss.. they had their children, extended family and friends around them and in spite of the everyday wobbles, organising everyone, nappy changes and feeding times.. there was something so poignant and special going on simultaneously. Here is a little preview from their Manchester Hacienda-themed wedding at the Albert Square Chop House.

Sally T Photography-001 Sally T Photography-005 Sally T Photography-004 Sally T Photography-003 Sally T Photography-005 Sally T Photography-006 Sally T Photography-007 Sally T Photography-008 Sally T Photography-010 Sally T Photography-009 Sally T Photography-012 Sally T Photography-013 Sally T Photography-015 Sally T Photography-014 Sally T Photography-016 Sally T Photography-017 Sally T Photography-018 Sally T Photography-019 Sally T Photography-020 Sally T Photography-021 Sally T Photography-022 Sally T Photography-023 Sally T Photography-024 Sally T Photography-025All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


Laura Jane & David | Preston Park and The Wainstones Hotel

Laura Jane & David-282

Laura Jane and David’s wedding was one of the craftiest and most colourful days I’d ever seen. They married at Preston Park Museum before having their reception at the Wainstones Hotel in Great Broughton. Laura Jane created so much for this day, including illustrating all the table names and invitations.. creating felt bouquets.. matching the cake, button holes and table centres to those amazing sunshine-bright felt flowers.. their day was so, so personal and every element reflected them as a couple, from including Alpacas at the reception (yes, really) which was a nod to where they got engaged, to having their dog Wazzle (who you may recognise from their engagement shoot) as a cake topper. Their quirky and bright wedding has also been featured on blog Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, where you can also read about what Laura Jane wrote about their day. Wonderful stuff, I love these two.

Laura Jane & David-001 Laura Jane & David-003 Laura Jane & David-005 Laura Jane & David-010 Laura Jane & David-011 Laura Jane & David-016 Laura Jane & David-018 Laura Jane & David-020 Laura Jane & David-022 Laura Jane & David-027 Laura Jane & David-032 Laura Jane & David-035 Continue reading