Louise & Steven {Preview}

My beautiful best friend Louise married someone completely perfect for her, Steven, last Tuesday in sunny Arpino, Italy. To see them both so happy and knowing what a wonderful future they have in front of them made it even more special, and the next day my face ached from smiling and laughing so much.

WHAT A DAY. Completely ‘them’, elegant, fun, booze flowing, music playing (including a song written for them by musical maestro Paige Temperley), some serious shapes being thrown in the evening, the biggest wedding cake you’ve ever seen and a completely joyous atmosphere from start to finish. I’ve seen Louise looking pretty damn gorgeous in the 14 years I’ve known her but on the day she just glowed.. completely radiant. Steven, you looked pretty damn handsome too – tailor-made suit issues and new glasses aside – I know you’ll make a wonderful husband to our gorgeous Louise Caster Sugar.

Here is a preview from the day..

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Emma & Ted | Preview

It was quite a trek over to Emma & Ben’s wedding, but I woke up so excited that I couldn’t wait to get there.. I had a strong feeling it was going to be an amazing day.. I packed up my breakfast and lunch ready to eat on the drive over, a handful of mix tapes, double checked my camera bag and jumped in the car ready to travel over to High Offley in Staffordshire for their marquee wedding, to be held (whatever the weather) in Emma’s parents’ beautiful garden. It was such a wonderful day all about family, marriage, tea, cake.. and later some of the best dance moves I’ve seen in quite a while. Emma made her own wedding dress.. and her own wedding cake.. she got to the church in her neighbour’s vintage car.. the whole day was so personal and relaxed it was a dream to photograph. Here is a little preview..

Sally x

Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-1 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-3 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-4 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-5 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-6 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-7 Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-9 Continue reading