Experiments with Expired Film

A few months ago I visited a car boot sale/indoor flea market at Tynemouth, a gorgeous seaside town near Newcastle, with my sister, I ended up buying a few old cameras which didn’t work (a strange habit that I can’t kick!) and a bag of expired films, standard 35mm and 120. I had no idea what the results would be like apart from that the colour and contrast would be altered.

I took my little 35mm automatic camera (also from a market… there’s a trend developing here..) to January’s birthday parties. Now, I hardly ever go out at the moment so two parties in the same month was a big deal! Olivia turned 21 and one of my best friends Katie turned 23, in Newcastle and London respectively, and both were equally… shall we say… lively.

Here are the best of a very bad bunch of photographs I had developed today. I know their ‘look’ is all over the shop but there is something so fascinating with film, and I love the strange colours and crazy contrast, even if it did steal a lot of the detail.

I still have about 5 rolls of 120 film to develop but my favourite camera shop here seems to have closed its doors and I’m still scouting out a suitable replacement 😦

Sally xx

PS doesn’t Katie look like the perfect ‘Birthday Girl’.. and also a little like Princess Peach from Mario Bros??


Olivia turned 21….

Last week my little sister Olivia turned the grand old age of 21!

I daren’t develop the film camera photos from the house party, so here is my favourite moment from her birthday dinner (closely followed by Grandma & Grandad turning up in sombreros and ponchos thinking it was a Mexican-themed evening… it wasn’t), when Viv tried to steal O’s thunder by diving to blow out her birthday candles!

Happy birthday Liviboo xxx

New Camera!

Just a little indulgent post to thrive over my new camera! I’m going to get out over the weekend and play about with it properly, but for now I’m happy running around the house experimenting with the controls (I’ve always been on Nikon, this is my first Canon) and taking a few snaps. Here are a few first pics, Viv was being my model as usual as well as taking pics of the junk/decoration around the house (piece of trivia: that is Liam Gallagher’s tambourine in the second photo).

Also I daren’t say too much yet, but I has a few very exciting pieces of news to share, hopefully by the end of the week, and I’ve literally be dancing around for the past few days. One includes a 1950s film set, one includes travel and one is a project of my very own….. EEK!

Sally xx

A Walk in the Woods…

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to just forget about everything and ‘head for the hills’ more often, and on one bright cold Sunday we decided to throw work to one side, went to see my Grandpa, for a pub lunch and went for a little walk behind the house I lived in up to the age of 4, deep in North Yorkshire.

We couldn’t walk too far (Vivi only has little legs and they get tired easily!), so we went to the slate hills at the top of the path where there are millions of rabbit warrens, and we looked for Peter Rabbit and the Flopsy Bunnies. Here are a few pics from the day, my little family and I loved it, and we’ll definitely be doing it again when we can!

Sally xx

PS. The one of me and V is taken by David (obviously!) ignore my messy hair.. it was Sunday after all!