Stonehouse Street.. {Personal Project}

I’ve always had a fascination with the old, the industrial.. peeling facades, rust and old hand-painted signage. Near us are a few back streets making up a small industrial estate and I’ve always wanted to take my camera (even though D told me to watch out as is attracts ‘interesting’ characters..) I also quite fancied posting it as my last bit of personal work before my wedding season really kicks in a week on Saturday (SO EXCITED Greg and Kelly!) and my blog will be filled with much ‘prettier’ offerings than today’s post in coming weeks..

Anyway, here are a few from a little visit there a few weeks back..

sally t photo-25 sally t photo-26 sally t photo-30 sally t photo-31 sally t photo-33 sally t photo-34 copy sally t photo-35 sally t photo-37 sally t photo-39

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One {personal work}

..the first of many to come. I’ll do a full post about being mentored by Joanna Brown in the next week or so but I still need to digest a lot of what I learnt.. My head is spinning and running away with itself but in a really good way. I adore my couples and their weddings, and this year I’m going to be doing more personal work just for me than before. And challenging myself. I’m not good at having my photograph taken, and I find it very difficult to look at and like photographs of myself, I usually like to hide behind someone for a bit of security – self portraiture is something I’ve wanted to tackle in a project for a little while now.. (ok there’s still one hiding behind a camera..)

a Personal Work-52 Personal Work-69 Personal Work-45

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Spring clean..

OK so it’s not quite spring, but I’ve been overhauling some things in the past few weeks with the aim of streamlining my admin, refreshing my packaging and generally sorting things out at this end. I’ve put all the blogs I love into googlereader (why didn’t I do it sooner?!), transferred my pile of diaries onto an online calendar, filed everything in my inbox and in the next few weeks I’m going to sort out my finances (headache). You may have noticed that my main site had a facelift at the end of last year and this blog has been perked up a little too.

I’m currently loving having excited enquiries popping into my inbox and hearing about people’s plans, and this year I’m going to make sure the processing (and working at home) side of things is smoother and hopefully less stressful than last year. Are you all hitting 2013 with a vengence? It took me a while to blow out the January blues and perk up but now I’m ready for the challenges of a new year. I’m also seeing Joanna Brown of Browns Photography next week for a mentoring session.. I. can’t. wait.

S x


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