Diana mish-mash..

A few very, very late pictures from July last year.. our honeymoon (yes it really DID get exciting when we found a crazy golf course and a maize maze) and a handful from our wedding, as well as a few others (beautiful Liz and my equally beautiful ex-VW Polo).. My fave has to be the blown out one of tiny V in the castle ruins..

Sal x


Vintage Vogue.. Street Style

Lovely Kayleigh from Vintage Vogue got in touch a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in doing some ‘street style’ type inspiration shots for her lovely clothing shop.. Obviously I said yes straight away! I love looking through her stock and always come away with more than I plan to! This time it was a miniature vintage Levis denim jacket for Vivienne.. totally worth it!

Here is a small selection from the day, all the girls who came were fab and styled everything up really well. There’s plenty more to come but my editing pile seems to grow by the day!

Sal x

Welcome Home.. A workshop by Emma Case

Oh god, where do I begin.. I’ve long been a massive fan of Emma’s work for so many reasons, even sending her a fan email around a year ago (yes, a ‘fan’ email..) and when she revealed she would be doing a workshop I knew I’d do everything I could to get there.

The day got off to a terrific start… not. I set off just before 6am after being up through the night with a toddler who wanted her dummy back, and after a few hours of driving managed to get caught in the Brummie Bermuda Triangle that is Spaghetti Junction.. jeez. Sat nav or no sat nav I was going to be late. I needn’t have worried, Emma’s lovely other half Pete came bounding down to get me from reception in the Custard Factory (the most amazing space you could EVER visit, never mind work in) to rescue me when I arrived, and quickly sorted me a brew as I sat down with everyone else and thought “oh god, I’m actually here!!”

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Contemporary Kiltz

Today I was asked to take photographs for a second shoot with Contemporary Kiltz, I was thrilled to be part of it. Clare has been making ‘kiltz’ for years, and really has a unique product in that they are made with the best quality traditional tartan, but has put a spin on the design adding a modern waistband and showing how they can be dressed up with everything from denim jackets to Aran knits.

We all met up at a family friend’s house in the village I grew up in (you could very nearly see my parents’ house from the garden) and I was gobsmacked at just how amazing a location it was! I had complete house envy, especially when I spotted so much amazing original artwork covering the walls and a fully stocked bar in the billiard room! We made good use of the space as best we could, later taking a few shots to send off to an agency for location shooting. I turned down a bowl of soup and homemade bread to later find out that the family owned a catering business who have worked for gigs from T in the Park to Jay Z to Elton John.. Doh!

Here is a small preview, and big thanks to Clare & Gillian for having me again!

S xx