Clare & Niall | As You Like It Wedding, Newcastle


Clare and Niall came back to Clare’s neck of the woods to tie the knot at gorgeous venue As You Like It in Jesmond, Newcastle. I love the set up there, everyone celebrated after the ceremony on the garden balcony and then went downstairs to the cellar bar to eat, drink and dance the night away. Plus these two were just gorgeous people inside and out which made the whole day a real dream to shoot – lovely stuff.

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Las Vegas | Personal

Last month we had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot Kerry and Rob’s wedding in Las Vegas. Kerry herself is a fabulous wedding photographer.. so no pressure there then.. but in the days around the wedding we had time to explore the city..

I knew I’d love Vegas but I never expected to be blown away by it as much as I was. (GO. It’s a playground for adults.) Anywhere that promotes 24 hour casinos, cocktails with breakfast, gorgeous food and a ridiculously good night life is A-OK with me.

We also pulled ourselves out of bed at 6am the day after the wedding to catch a bus to the Grand Canyon and it was completely worth the 4-hour drive with a tour guide who was clearly making it up as he went along. You could sit and take the Canyon in all day. Un-bloody-believable.

A huge thank you to Kerry and Rob for giving us the chance to have a cheeky four days in Sin City, we had a blast. I want to go back… Here are my tourist-y photographs from our trip..

Las Vegas wedding photographer-3

Las Vegas wedding photographer-6

Las Vegas wedding photographer-8

Las Vegas wedding photographer-13

Las Vegas wedding photographer-15

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Moving.. Weddings.. Chaos.. AKA Life recently.

The past few weeks have been such a blur, which is why it’s been a little quiet around here. Here is a little breakdown of what’s been going on..

Gorgeous couple Sarah and Lee married at Hall Garth in Darlington in an outdoor ceremony.. they smiled like this all day long..
Sarah Lee-1

Kirsty and Mark ran away to the Lake District and married in front of a handful of family and friends in a secret ceremony, then we went for a boat ride around Lake Windermere..Kirsty & Mark -1

I met Harry! I photographed Bryde and Rob’s wedding last August, their maternity shoot a month or so ago and 10-day-old Harry this weekend. Scrummy.269823_527210263999221_1603087603_n leeds-wedding-photographer-12

A family shoot within a birthday party.. lots of bouncing and bubbles.. wonderful chaos.leeds-wedding-photographer-2

My own not-so-little Vivienne turned four.. I still can’t believe it. She’s a dream.leeds-wedding-photographer-1

We moved house and traded Middlesbrough for Leeds. We’ve been in this house for a few years, and although I never particularly liked it, it’s now full of our memories. Vivienne has grown up a lot here and I think she was pretty sad to leave.. especially once we explained we weren’t moving the house..

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Lots of driving up and down between Middlesbrough and Leeds. Last date night in Middlesbrough with Dav. Stolen moments with Vivienne and her cousins. LOTS of food.leeds-wedding-photographer-85 leeds-wedding-photographer-7

It’s been tough but I’m really excited to see how we make Leeds ‘our place’.. the boxes won’t get unpacked for weeks no doubt.. and while we’ve been so busy Vivienne has been having adventures with grandparents in London and the Lake District.. she’s having a wonderful Summer but unfortunately we don’t have a huge amount of time to share as many parts of it as we’d like at the moment. Every time I see her I could eat her, and can’t wait until we settle in and back into more of a (as much as I thought I hated this word) routine. leeds-wedding-photographer-4Hope you’re all enjoying your summers.. I have a few more weddings this weekend and a busy September.. but I promise to take more time to blog it all as I go! Happy days xx

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Out and about.. | Personal

I promised myself that this year I’d keep trying to do personal work as well as commissions.. I love weddings and portraiture but I also love the difference of snapping the everyday, architecture, messing around with film, normality and taking out a camera with my for the day just because. Here is a little collection of pictures taken with my La Sardinia lomography camera and some from my Canon. I love the contrast of both.. and waiting back for film to be developed then sitting in the car flicking through prints is still one of my favourite things..La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-20 La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-32cinema wedding newcastle movie -11 Continue reading