Families and photographs..

Every so often something makes me stop and realise why I love taking photographs so much.

sally t photo-1

Growing up, as many families do, we had a photo drawer and family albums.. mish mash, hundreds of printed photographs in no particular order and a few albums from certain summers and holidays.. I used to love looking through them when I was young, laughing at how me and my sister looked when we were babies and using them to remember camping, family BBQs, birthday parties and childhood friends we met on holiday..

What I also love is looking at photographs taken before I was born.. pictures of my parents, Grandparents and even Great Grandparents and other relatives.. I love seeing the poses, old shop fronts in the background, everyday photographs, old interior decor, the fashions of the time and trying to recognise family resemblances of me, my sister and my daughter..

Each one is so precious and is something to be treasured. It really gives a sense of where you come from, and who you are.. Some are over and under exposed, some are blurred in parts.. some are even ripped at the edges and worn out in the middle.. but each one is precious. Most aren’t perfect or professionally taken, but I don’t see the imperfections I see the moments.. every photo owned by every corner of my family is part of my story.

I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love.. but on a different note it’s really humbling that photographs I take will become part of someone else’s story.. each photo will one day fascinate someone else that this is where they came from.. photos will be part of the pieces making up someone else’s history.

Here are some of my favourite photographs copied from one of my Grandma’s albums..

Picture 2

sally t photo-4
My Grandma Yvonne.. taken in a photo booth in Binns department store..

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The first Sally T Photography photoshoot!

After a few months of playing with the idea, I’ve decided to embark upon organising my very own photoshoot! I doubt I’ll be as organised as Katy who’s been in charge of the last few by a long shot, which is why I’ve given myself a few months to sort everything out.

Here is a work-in-progress inspiration board:

Hoping for a saloon/eclectic/20s theme so far……..


VenueShoesCakeFeather HeadpieceEye make-upGirls & booksFlowers

Let me know what you think!

Also if any suppliers who fancy being involved then just get in touch 🙂

Sally xx

New Camera!

Just a little indulgent post to thrive over my new camera! I’m going to get out over the weekend and play about with it properly, but for now I’m happy running around the house experimenting with the controls (I’ve always been on Nikon, this is my first Canon) and taking a few snaps. Here are a few first pics, Viv was being my model as usual as well as taking pics of the junk/decoration around the house (piece of trivia: that is Liam Gallagher’s tambourine in the second photo).

Also I daren’t say too much yet, but I has a few very exciting pieces of news to share, hopefully by the end of the week, and I’ve literally be dancing around for the past few days. One includes a 1950s film set, one includes travel and one is a project of my very own….. EEK!

Sally xx

An happy end to 2011.. And a January Offer..

Another very little post (it is meant to be the holidays after all..) to wish you all the very best for 2012!

I feel so fortunate to have had such a great 2011, writing it down I can’t believe how much has gone on:

  • Dav and I got married! After 5 years together we had the best day we could have ever hoped for; family, friends, good food, good drink, good music.. and the weather was on our side!
  • Vivienne turned two, and is, what my niece Evelyn calls her, a ‘little-big girl’!
  • We were lucky enough to gain two more nieces and a nephew, Beatrice, Jemima and Sebastian.
  • I finished my Art degree, and David finished his second year doing Sports Science..
  • ..and I started my MA in Journalism
  • A few little trips away, me to Amsterdam and Paris, David to Berlin, and a few weekends away in the Lakes and London
  • And finally, my little business seems to be moving along well! I never thought I’d be lucky enough to meet as many amazing people as I did this year, and attended some gorgeous weddings; and feel amazed to have secured a dozen or so for next year already.. a huge thank you to everyone out there!

Have you all made your resolutions? I started jotting a few down and before I knew it I had a page full! 2012 is definitely my year for staying calm, being more organised and efficient, and taking some real time out for family & friends.

And as a little treat to kick-start the New Year, I’m running a little offer through Love My Dress (click here to see), meaning you can save 10% from my 2012 wedding package if you book in January quoting ‘Love My Dress’. (Extensive new pricing details to follow tomorrow)

Anyway, all the best for the New Year, I hope you all have a lovely night tonight, whether it’s curling up on the sofa or partying ‘out out’.


Sally x

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Just a quick post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year. It’s all go at this end and I haven’t had much time to sit back and relax, but I can’t complain!

I’ d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me in my first year of business, for your support and for your custom. I’ve met such wonderful people in the past year or so, and I’m so lucky to have found so many like-minded individuals who have given me the confidence to take everything in my own direction. I’m eternally grateful to my Grandpa Keith, who really helped me get started just over a year ago; he’s consistently enthusiastic about anything I do, and he still calls me ‘his Sally Wally’- what more could I wish for?! Also a huge thank you to David, my new husband, who has always supported me throughout the past five years, but has really ‘been there’ since I started snapping away; giving me advice, reassuring me or being someone to moan to when I can’t take being on hold to the HMRC any longer!

So here’s to a great Christmas, and high hopes for the New Year. Eat, drink and be merry!

Sally x

Tees Valley Weddings Shoot (Preview)

When Joanna from Tees Valley Weddings (a site to inspire and help brides in the NE) asked me if I’d be interested in a vintage vs contemporary wedding shoot at Whinstone View as the vintage photographer I jumped at the chance. I always get slightly nervous meeting more established photographers because I feel they’ll always know so much more than me, and that my equipment isn’t the best, and that they’ll have better ideas than me…. etc etc, but Michael & Phil from C & S Photography were lovely (their style is much more traditional) and I think the three of us together produced a good variety of images from the day showing a good variety of styles. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day 🙂

Sally xx


Organiser: Joanna at Tees Valley Weddings

Venue: Whinstone View

Vintage Photography: Sally T Photography

Headpieces: What Katy Did Next

Make Up: Make-Up By Jo

Hair: Adrian Wray Hairdressing

Clothing: Kate Fearnley Boutique & Dolly Mama Boutique & Bex Brides

Recent Press

Well it’s been a busy few weeks to say the least! I’m signing off for a week now as I’m getting married myself on Saturday and then taking a week out to go to the Lake District for some quiet time with David and our daughter, Vivienne. I’ll leave you for the moment with some recent coverage I’ve had from the UK wedding blogs.

Matthew and Lynsey’s Engagement Shoot was featured on Brides Up North and Wedding Sugar, blogs that I love that are extremely useful for local suppliers in the North East, and Love My Dress for the What Katy Did Next shoot from a few weeks ago. I have so much more to share from Katy’s shoot but it’ll have to wait now I’m afraid! Check out her new website though, and I’m pleased to reveal that the ‘Sally’ headband is named after me, which is very flattering 🙂

Back soon and wish me luck!

Sally xx