Welcome Break..

Today I got back from a little trip away with some wonderful people.. Around a year ago I attended Emma Case’s Welcome Home workshop (all kinds of wonderful), and the number of ‘Welcome Homies’ has since grown as more workshops have happened over the past few months.

It was decided that it was time for us to all meet up and have a few days together; some friendly faces, some new faces, go ‘glamping’, and take a well-earned ‘Welcome Break’.. We chatted, played rounders, ate too much cake, busted moves, lit fires, pulled ourselves pints, fed the lambs, attempted ‘windy cricket’, took photographs, compared ‘signature dance moves’, tried night-time photography, played buckaroo, sang ‘Happy Birthday’, did the conga, chilled out on the couches around the heater, chatted business, drank more, dirty chat around the bar, debated between blankets, whisky or tea to warm up, stayed up late and caught a few hours sleep.. I’ve been left feeling so happy and completely worn out.

Here are a few pictures of a very Welcome Break..

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