Steph & Ross | Preview

A completely beautiful DIY Winter wedding.. Meet Steph and Ross.

steph ross-003 steph ross-002 steph ross-004 steph ross-001 steph ross-005 steph ross-006 steph ross-007 steph ross-008 steph ross-009 steph ross-010 steph ross-011 steph ross-012 steph ross-013 steph ross-014 steph ross-015 steph ross-016All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


Hollie & Davide | Snod’s Edge, Northumberland

Hollie & Davide-487Hollie and Davide really do know how to plan a wedding.. and how to make it one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. So much attention to detail, care and effort went into making their day completely beautiful and a real celebration of them and everything they love. I knew Hollie was going to have an amazingly hand-crafted and vintage inspired day but seeing it all come together and how joyous they were alongside their guests throughout the whole day really made my heart sing. They can put it all better than I can and you can read their words and thoughts about their wedding over on Love My Dress.

These two, quietly and contentedly perfect for each other, began their journey on a hot May day in deep Northumberland. Here are the photos to tell the story..

Hollie & Davide-001 Hollie & Davide-010Hollie & Davide-073 Hollie & Davide-016 Hollie & Davide-019 Hollie & Davide-020 Hollie & Davide-024 Hollie & Davide-027 Hollie & Davide-031 Hollie & Davide-033 Hollie & Davide-045 Hollie & Davide-048 Hollie & Davide-049 Hollie & Davide-051 Hollie & Davide-054 Hollie & Davide-055 Hollie & Davide-058 Hollie & Davide-059 Hollie & Davide-064 Hollie & Davide-070 Hollie & Davide-075 Hollie & Davide-079 Hollie & Davide-080 Hollie & Davide-082 Hollie & Davide-084 Hollie & Davide-087 Hollie & Davide-092 Hollie & Davide-096 Hollie & Davide-098 Hollie & Davide-100

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Jaclyn & Tim | North Yorkshire

Jaclyn & Tim-257In celebration of the weather getting very slightly warmer from each day to the next it feels fitting to head back to last Summer and blog Jaclyn and Tim’s beautiful farm and barn wedding. It was absolutely glorious weather, and so much effort had gone into transforming the barn into the amazing venue you’ll see below.. Tim grew up on the farm and when they showed me around when I went to meet them the barn was.. well.. full of what you’d expect to find in a working farm barn. They married at a church nearby and their beautiful son William  had his own special part to the day and was christened immediately afterwards. A real celebration of family, love and marriage.

Here is Jaclyn, Tim and William’s day..

Jaclyn & Tim-001 Jaclyn & Tim-002 Jaclyn & Tim-005 Jaclyn & Tim-010 Jaclyn & Tim-013 Jaclyn & Tim-017 Jaclyn & Tim-021 Jaclyn & Tim-024 Jaclyn & Tim-029 Jaclyn & Tim-031 Jaclyn & Tim-036 Jaclyn & Tim-039 Jaclyn & Tim-043 Jaclyn & Tim-047 Jaclyn & Tim-051 Jaclyn & Tim-054 Jaclyn & Tim-060 Jaclyn & Tim-061 Jaclyn & Tim-066 Jaclyn & Tim-068 Jaclyn & Tim-074 Jaclyn & Tim-075Jaclyn & Tim-077 Jaclyn & Tim-081 Jaclyn & Tim-093 Jaclyn & Tim-094 Jaclyn & Tim-096 Jaclyn & Tim-099 Jaclyn & Tim-104 Jaclyn & Tim-105 Jaclyn & Tim-107 Jaclyn & Tim-109 Jaclyn & Tim-112 Jaclyn & Tim-117 Jaclyn & Tim-119 Jaclyn & Tim-120 Jaclyn & Tim-122 Jaclyn & Tim-127 Jaclyn & Tim-128 Jaclyn & Tim-132 Jaclyn & Tim-149 Jaclyn & Tim-168 Jaclyn & Tim-183 Jaclyn & Tim-187 Jaclyn & Tim-189 Jaclyn & Tim-237 Jaclyn & Tim-241 Jaclyn & Tim-243 Jaclyn & Tim-245 Jaclyn & Tim-246 Jaclyn & Tim-247 Jaclyn & Tim-252 Jaclyn & Tim-257 Jaclyn & Tim-259 Jaclyn & Tim-262 Jaclyn & Tim-265 Jaclyn & Tim-267 Jaclyn & Tim-269 Jaclyn & Tim-271 Jaclyn & Tim-274 Jaclyn & Tim-276 Jaclyn & Tim-278 Jaclyn & Tim-283 Jaclyn & Tim-284 Jaclyn & Tim-287 Jaclyn & Tim-290 Jaclyn & Tim-297 Jaclyn & Tim-298 Jaclyn & Tim-303 Jaclyn & Tim-304 Jaclyn & Tim-305 Jaclyn & Tim-306 Jaclyn & Tim-307 Jaclyn & Tim-311 Jaclyn & Tim-314 Jaclyn & Tim-316 Jaclyn & Tim-324 Jaclyn & Tim-325 Jaclyn & Tim-326 Jaclyn & Tim-365 Jaclyn & Tim-394 Jaclyn & Tim-396 Jaclyn & Tim-400 Jaclyn & Tim-402 Jaclyn & Tim-411 Jaclyn & Tim-421 Jaclyn & Tim-425 Jaclyn & Tim-428 Jaclyn & Tim-430 Jaclyn & Tim-431 Jaclyn & Tim-436 Jaclyn & Tim-442 Jaclyn & Tim-448 Jaclyn & Tim-453 Jaclyn & Tim-466 Jaclyn & Tim-469 Jaclyn & Tim-475 Jaclyn & Tim-487 Jaclyn & Tim-488 Jaclyn & Tim-491 Jaclyn & Tim-494 Jaclyn & Tim-498 Jaclyn & Tim-499 Jaclyn & Tim-502 Jaclyn & Tim-504 Jaclyn & Tim-511 Jaclyn & Tim-518All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.

Second shot by the wonderful Daz of Darren Mack Photography.