Newcastle & Heaton Perk with Viv’n’Liv..

I love that Olivia only lives an hour up the road, I also love that we recently got a new car so now Vivi and I can drive up without worrying about breaking down! On Saturday Dav was at the football so we jumped in the car and drove up to see Olivia for lunch and a spot of vintage shopping at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair (simultaneously scouting out suppliers for the summer shoot – multitasking!).

I love, love, love Heaton Perk in Heaton, just outside of Newcastle. It has such a retro, eclectic, colourful cafe look, and they keep it simple. You can choose cake from the counter or get soup with a side. They even have games out for any children (or big children) that pop in.

And yes, Viv is wearing a black visor with a veil… What occasion could it possibly be for?!

Sally x


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