Hazel & Gary | Armathwaite Hall, Kewsick

Hazel & Gary-150Hazel and Gary… where do I begin?

I was completely over-the-moon-excited to be asked to be part of an elopement. I adore the busy chaos of wedding so much, and in the middle of the chaos is where I’m most comfortable, there’s so much going on, so much interaction, so many faces, so much to photograph.. I’ve always wanted to be part of an elopement to see the other side. The calm. The two people sloping off and celebrating quietly together. Savouring the quiet of the day and just spending some ridiculously special and sacred time together..

And that brings me back to Hazel and Gary. Who took a few days away, just the two of them, to the blissful peace of the Lake District to say their vows to each other. They got ready together and were so relaxed throughout, no stress whatsoever. So chilled that when it was ceremony time Hazel forgot her bouquet, Gary forgot the rings, they both forgot the music to walk them down the aisle and back up again… but obviously not one speck of all that really mattered.

This day was all about them..

Hazel & Gary-001 Hazel & Gary-002 Hazel & Gary-006 Hazel & Gary-007 Hazel & Gary-015 Hazel & Gary-018 Hazel & Gary-019 Hazel & Gary-022 Hazel & Gary-025 Hazel & Gary-026 Hazel & Gary-031 Hazel & Gary-033 Hazel & Gary-040 Hazel & Gary-042 Hazel & Gary-044 Hazel & Gary-046 Hazel & Gary-048 Hazel & Gary-049 Hazel & Gary-052 Hazel & Gary-054 Hazel & Gary-056 Hazel & Gary-060 Hazel & Gary-061 Hazel & Gary-063 Hazel & Gary-067 Hazel & Gary-072 Hazel & Gary-075 Hazel & Gary-081 Hazel & Gary-082 Hazel & Gary-085 Hazel & Gary-089 Hazel & Gary-093 Hazel & Gary-097 Hazel & Gary-104 Hazel & Gary-105 Hazel & Gary-112 Hazel & Gary-117 Hazel & Gary-118 Hazel & Gary-120 Hazel & Gary-124 Hazel & Gary-128 Hazel & Gary-130 Hazel & Gary-134 Hazel & Gary-139 Hazel & Gary-150 Hazel & Gary-154 Hazel & Gary-155 Hazel & Gary-159 Hazel & Gary-161 Hazel & Gary-169 Hazel & Gary-180 Hazel & Gary-186 Hazel & Gary-187 Hazel & Gary-189 Hazel & Gary-204 Hazel & Gary-219 Hazel & Gary-221 Hazel & Gary-223 Hazel & Gary-233 Hazel & Gary-235Hazel & Gary-243Hazel & Gary-241All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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