Kerry & Rob | Las Vegas


I still can’t really believe that I got the chance to go to Las bloody Vegas to shoot Kerry and Rob’s wedding.. and, looking back through pictures, it’s really quite difficult to resist browsing the internet looking for flights to take me back..

Never mind the whole day being out of this world, from when we touched down in the desert to the day we left, everyone there for Kerry and Rob had an absolute blast. Kerry was wearing an amazing custom made wrap dress, slightly Elvis style collar, with buttoned boots and a birdcage veil.. they married in the early evening so they had a ‘first look’ before we headed down the strip to do some couple portraits. They were married at the Chapel of Flowers (which I wasn’t permitted to photograph) by Elvis and we grabbed a few more nighttime portraits, before we all hit the Fremont Street Experience to get merry. A-bloody-mazing. Here are the pics..

Las-Vegas-wedding-004 Las-Vegas-wedding-008 Las-Vegas-wedding-001Las-Vegas-wedding-006 Las-Vegas-wedding-003 Las-Vegas-wedding-005 Las-Vegas-wedding-007Las-Vegas-wedding-010 Las-Vegas-wedding-011 Las-Vegas-wedding-013Las-Vegas-wedding-012Las-Vegas-wedding-015 Las-Vegas-wedding-016Las-Vegas-wedding-018Las-Vegas-wedding-020 Las-Vegas-wedding-021 Las-Vegas-wedding-022 Las-Vegas-wedding-023 Las-Vegas-wedding-024 Las-Vegas-wedding-025 Las-Vegas-wedding-026 Las-Vegas-wedding-027 Las-Vegas-wedding-028 Las-Vegas-wedding-029 Las-Vegas-wedding-030 Las-Vegas-wedding-031 Las-Vegas-wedding-032 Las-Vegas-wedding-033 Las-Vegas-wedding-034 Las-Vegas-wedding-035 Las-Vegas-wedding-036 Las-Vegas-wedding-037 Las-Vegas-wedding-038 Las-Vegas-wedding-039 Las-Vegas-wedding-040 Las-Vegas-wedding-041 Las-Vegas-wedding-042 Las-Vegas-wedding-043 Las-Vegas-wedding-044 Las-Vegas-wedding-045Las-Vegas-wedding-047 Las-Vegas-wedding-048 Las-Vegas-wedding-049 Las-Vegas-wedding-050 Las-Vegas-wedding-051 Las-Vegas-wedding-052 Las-Vegas-wedding-053 Las-Vegas-wedding-054 Las-Vegas-wedding-055 Las-Vegas-wedding-056 Las-Vegas-wedding-057 Las-Vegas-wedding-058 Las-Vegas-wedding-059 Las-Vegas-wedding-060 Las-Vegas-wedding-061 Las-Vegas-wedding-062 Las-Vegas-wedding-063 Las-Vegas-wedding-064 Las-Vegas-wedding-065 Las-Vegas-wedding-066 Las-Vegas-wedding-067 Las-Vegas-wedding-068 Las-Vegas-wedding-069 Las-Vegas-wedding-070 Las-Vegas-wedding-071 Las-Vegas-wedding-072 Las-Vegas-wedding-073 Las-Vegas-wedding-074 Las-Vegas-wedding-075 Las-Vegas-wedding-076 Las-Vegas-wedding-077 Las-Vegas-wedding-078 Las-Vegas-wedding-079 Las-Vegas-wedding-080 Las-Vegas-wedding-081 Las-Vegas-wedding-082 Las-Vegas-wedding-083 Las-Vegas-wedding-084 Las-Vegas-wedding-085 Las-Vegas-wedding-086 Las-Vegas-wedding-087 Las-Vegas-wedding-088 Las-Vegas-wedding-089 Las-Vegas-wedding-090 Las-Vegas-wedding-091 Las-Vegas-wedding-092 Las-Vegas-wedding-093 Las-Vegas-wedding-094 Las-Vegas-wedding-095 Las-Vegas-wedding-096 Las-Vegas-wedding-097 Las-Vegas-wedding-098 Las-Vegas-wedding-099 Las-Vegas-wedding-100 Las-Vegas-wedding-101 Las-Vegas-wedding-102You can also see my personal photographs from our trip to Vegas here. 

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7 thoughts on “Kerry & Rob | Las Vegas

  1. Oh my goodness, Kerry what a little hottie – that second pic is just beautiful. The one of you both kissing by the slots is fab! They all are, wonderful wedding in true Vegas style x

  2. These are great Sally! Love all the neon, mixed in with your photography just makes it all look worthy of a HBO series!! Amazing 🙂

  3. Ahh! Sally these are incredible, looking through them made me feel like I was there 🙂 I couldn’t think of a more fun wedding to photograph than Kerry’s! Looked like an amazing time 🙂

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